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ObjectName STRING(40) - Object Name

DescriptionAbstract STRING(255) - Description / Abstract of the object

AccessionNumber STRING(20) - Organization's code for the acquisition

AlternateID STRING(20) - Other code or number for this object

CategoryName STRING(30) - Category Name

Source STRING(40) - The source of the object

SourceDescription STRING(30) - Source Category Description

AccessionDate STRING(20) - Date the object acquired

CreditAcknowledgement STRING(40) - Credit for helping acquire object

LocationName STRING(30) - Location or container

ObjectDate STRING(30) - Approx Date of the object

Title STRING(50) - Title

Description STRING(1000) - Description

Collector STRING(50) - Collector

ApproxCollectionDate STRING(20) - Approx Collection Date

IdentifiedBy STRING(50) - Identified By

ApproxIdentifiedDate STRING(20) - Approx Identification Date

SiteLocation STRING(50) - Site / Location

SiteDescription STRING(1000) - Site Description

RockType STRING(30) - Type of Rock

Classification STRING(50) - Classification

Color STRING(30) - Color

Hardness STRING(30) - Hardness

OtherDetails STRING(1000) - Other details

Height DECIMAL(11,2) - Height

Length DECIMAL(11,2) - Length

Width DECIMAL(11,2) - Width

Depth DECIMAL(11,2) - Depth

Diameter DECIMAL(11,2) - Diameter

Circumference DECIMAL(11,2) - Circumference

Weight DECIMAL(11,2) - Weight

UoM STRING(20) - Unit of Measure

DimensionDetails STRING(1000) - Dimension details

Quantity DECIMAL(7) - Quantity

Eon STRING(30) -

Era STRING(30) -

Period STRING(30) -

Epoch STRING(30) -

Age STRING(30) -

DatingMethod STRING(50) - Dating method used

Keyword STRING(30) - Keyword for the object



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