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Manual Duplex Printing

Manual Duplex Printing

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Manual Duplex Printing

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Duplex printing allows reports to use both sides of your paper. This option provides support for manual duplex printing for printers that do not support duplexing natively.


Below are the duplex printing windows with their use. Also see: Duplex Printing, Second Pass









When enabled, allows you to return to the previous question.




Accept current option setting and continue to next question.




When enabled, accepts options and begins printing process.




Cancel duplex print request and return to viewer.




Open this help file.






Hand Feed


Yes or No


Some printers do not feed correctly with pages that have already been printed. You can elect to feed second pass sheets one at a time if preferred... see: Duplex Printing: Second Pass






Printed Page Order


Yes or No


If you select No for manually feeding the second pass you must indicate the page order of the report after it has completed pass one.


Most laser printers result in a natural page order where page one(1) is seen as the first readable page. Occasionally a printer reverses the natural page order leaving page one(1) face up on the bottom of the stack.


If you have a printer that prints page one(1) face up with page two(2) face up on top... then answer Yes to this prompt.






Paper Tray Orientation


Yes or No


This question is used to set the proper printing sequence during the first pass to result in a natural page order once the second pass is completed.


This is asking which side of the paper, as it is placed in the tray, is actually used during printing.  For most printers the answer will be No meaning the side of the paper you see in the paper tray, whether laying down or standing up, is not the side that is printed.  If your printer does not follow this method, answer Yes.








To begin printing, click this button. You will be prompted when it is time to begin the second printing pass.


Keep in mind that your program will probably be ready well before your printer is ready.




Duplex Printing, Second Pass