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Expression Builder Dialog

Expression Builder Dialog

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Expression Builder Dialog

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The Expression Builder is a guided interface for creating expressions and manual queries. Use this interface to recall function and or data element names. The function help displayed in the lower portion of the dialog will provide a general explanation for the selected function/data element.


The current expression is displayed above the series of operator buttons. The list on the left provides the categories of data and functions to choose from. The list on the right displays those elements applicable to the currently selected category.


To select a specific Data element or Function simply double-click on the desired item from the right list. You may optionally select the desired item and press the Insert button. The function and parameter requirements will be pasted into the expression area of the dialog. Edit the parameter list to include the specific variable elements of the expression. Use the small operator buttons to insert an operator within the expression. The expression may be manually edited at any time.




This button will erase the current expression.



This button will determine if the current expression has been constructed properly.



This button will exit the Expression Builder and apply the current expression.




This button will exit the Expression Builder without applying the current expression.