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Report Design Considerations

Report Design Considerations

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Report Design Considerations

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Field Selection

Fields will be displayed left to right in the report as they appear top to bottom in the selection list.

 The report will automatically adjust to landscape mode when appropriate.

 When the width of all fields exceeds landscape width, the report will attempt the "best fit" within landscape. Notification will occur when this condition exists.



Totals and Averages

Any numeric field may be set to total or to average.

Totals will appear (for the selected columns) at the end of the report and are optionally available in the group footing options.




Custom sorting on large databases may be very time consuming. For the fastest results, use a predefined sort option.

 Select sort options that allow for the appropriate grouping, totals and summary reports.




Grouping options can play a significant role in the overall appearance of the report.

The following grouping options manifest in a report as follows;


 Place totals in either group footing to create report subtotals for each group.

 Omit report detail to produce summary reports based on group the group footing subtotal and label.

 Place group labels in the 2nd level but not the first level and both (1st and 2nd level) labels will print on the summary row.