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Find Text

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Find Text

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1_bm22 or pressing F will open the page search window.







Enter the word, phrase or text you want to find.


Use QUICK search


This option may be disabled depending on your search text.


This option tends to be faster but may result in false positives because of the method used
Phrases that have word wrapped will not be located
Delete pages option is disabled


Match case


When checked: the case of each character must match exactly.


Whole word or phrase


When checked: the preceding and following characters will be tested when a match is found. If characters that are not in the allowable list of punctuation characters are found, the search will continue.


Mark all pages found


When checked: all pages that contain a match to the search text will be marked.


Delete un-marked pages


When checked: all pages without a match to the search text will be deleted.


Be careful using this option... pages are deleted without notification.




Accept entry and perform text search.




Close this window and return to viewer.




Open this help file.